10 Nostradamus Predictions That Haven’t Come True Yet

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Believers have credited him with predicting some of history’s most earth shattering events, from Napoleon to Hitler and even 9/11. But what’s left for this infamous astrologist’s writings? Alltime10s has scoured the prophecies to find 10 Nostradamus Predictions that Haven’t Come True Yet.

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10 thoughts on “10 Nostradamus Predictions That Haven’t Come True Yet

  1. Nostradamus definitely didn’t predict about that fat fucker in North Korea. There will never be any peace as long as that fugly fat pig is alive.

  2. Lucky for us we can already “control” (ok entise) the weather one way or the way. So even with global warming I don’t think it’ll be an issue

  3. antichrist wil be coming. He is already on earth and is chained on his neck. the jews are the first one who is beliefing the antichrist is someone great. the Christians are the second one. they think that the antichrist is Jzus, but Jezus will come after the antichrist. after the antichrist. when the antichrist and jezus come, then there will be a war where the birds will fall out the sky. (an atomic war)

  4. Nonstrasmus must have nothing better to do if he’s just sitting there writing a bunch of bullcrap predictions. Seriously eat a sandwich and be happy with your life instead of making people scared.

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