10 Paranormal Photos Explained

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Photos of creepy aliens, fairies, ghosts and even time-travelling hipsters regularly make the rounds online. But what actually are they? Check out ‘10 Paranormal Photos Explained’ to find out.

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10 thoughts on “10 Paranormal Photos Explained

  1. “THE TIME TRAVELING HIPSTER” Are not time travelers supposed to blend in that time period? Didn’t mention hair style or his height. well?

  2. “THE PHOENIX LIGHTS” The military dropped flares……..twice? Once at 8:30 pm ,another at around 10:30 pm. Didn’t explain
    that , did you?

  3. “THE FACE ON MARS” Are you talking about nasa explained it as nothing but a trick of light and shadows? Seems to me that
    every photo that came from mars is nothing more than a trick of light and shadows. How much longer are we supposed to
    believe these stories? When will the government start telling the truth?

  4. This is some Bad Research right here… the Phoenix lights for example were seen 30min prior than the Military launching their flares… even the Gouverneur came out stating that he Has Seen something unusual and was forced to lie in Front of the public… either You inform yourself well enough to do those videos or Leave it in general

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