• September 11, 2017

10 People Convicted Of Crimes That Didn’t Happen

It’s not unusual for people to get wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t commit but – in some weird cases – it’s even more shocking than that… some people get arrested for crimes that didn’t happen at all.

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15 thoughts on “10 People Convicted Of Crimes That Didn’t Happen

  1. Number 6 doesn’t matter for the Father is still guilty for if 1 commits suicide on purpose then there is always someone responsible for their Death. After all, you can’t simply decide to take your life without someone else pressuring you to do it! I once knew someone who killed himself & even though he didn’t mention why he did it or who was responsible, it isn’t hard to put 2 & 2 together to discover why he died & who was to blame!

  2. Lots of pervertsexuals endanger children. That doesn’t mean you make up a story that didn’t happen. Even if it’s to prevent an actual crime later, that’s still no excuse.

  3. “Was granted parole, but is still a convicted felon in the eyes of the law.”

    So they proved HE started the fire, and that he did it on accident, and they STILL want to pin everything on her? Spiteful bastards!

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