• October 10, 2018

10 People Found Innocent After Execution

The death penalty is reserved for the very worst of criminals… But what happens when the justice system is too late? Here are 10 People Found Innocent After Execution.

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10 thoughts on “10 People Found Innocent After Execution

  1. being in the Bible Belt, its pretty obvious that in Texas they think they are morally superior enough to judge people correctly and sentence them to death – but all they have to do is ask “God” for forgiveness apparently (they say that’s how it works)

  2. I’m not totally against death penalty, because I believe if a person murdered 20 people the he should not exist in this world, and there’s no way you can persuade me that he can be a good man again. BUT, every single death penalty must only be executed when and only when the suspect is proven guilty completely, if there is any doubt especially in the case of lack evidence, the execution must be postponed.

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