• August 28, 2019

10 People Who Confessed To Crimes They Didn’t Commit

These are my confessions… Except they’re not, they’re other peoples confessions, and they actually confessed to things they didn’t do. Crazy right? These are 10 People Who Confessed To Crimes They Didn’t Commit.

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10 thoughts on “10 People Who Confessed To Crimes They Didn’t Commit

  1. If ur going to have the death penalty then get it right. Otherwise I think its only right to execute the people involved in killing the innocent person since it is clearly unlawful. Think their is a large amount of people on earth who think they are innocent and deserve death

  2. Frank Dolezal: a man who was arrested in connection to the “Cleveland Torso Murders”, a series of gruesome murders in the 1930’s. The only connection investigators found between Dolezal was that he knew two of the victims who had been identified. while in custody Dolezal confessed to the murders, but later recanted the confession, saying it had been beaten out of him, which is likely, as investigators were astonished by the confession, in that it was the first time they had ever seen a confession from a person who didn’t know any details of the crime to which he was confessing. shortly before Dolezal’s case was scheduled to go to trial, Dolezal was found dead in his cell, hung from a hook that was lower than his own height, leading many to question whether Dolezal had actually killed himself as authorities had stated, or if he himself was murdered by police before he could stand trial.

  3. More pictures and less of your ugly British stupid ass like i hate these vids now I dont want to look at you while listening for fuck SAKES super god dammn annoying

  4. I don’t think that serving years in jail and just saying we’re sorry for making a mistake like wtf, the people should have been paid money for the mistake

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