• June 23, 2019

10 People Who Thought They Were God

As Kanye once firmly attested…’I Am A God’. These people have followed in his footsteps by also declaring themselves to be a higher being on earth. Very questionable indeed however…

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15 thoughts on “10 People Who Thought They Were God

    1. @Dr ROLFCOPTER! Based on informed decisions God of the bible hates EVERYONE. not just specific groups. THEY (not He there is no singular god in the bible) kills his faithful followers, people of all age groups, evil doers, you name it.
      As for the “Nazi” If the gods actually existed , they’d have had huge Styrofoam hands pointing up with “Hitler is #1” on them (Yes I know ‘ashkenazi’ are forms of Jews).

      For some unknown reason the gods up and said quits to all Jewish cultures when The Romans started writing the fables of the New testament. Then the gods clearly hated all of their ‘chosen people’, of which worshiped them for the first 4000 years of earth (less than 6000 years ago). Especially, inciting riots, against said followers, 300 years later by putting some hippie on a stick , and then blaming all the Jews, for the affront.

      It of course did not stop there, The Christians, and The Catholics (Now only Romans) Now made Gawds word to mean ‘Go out and slaughter all the Jews’.

      It’s pretty bad when an alleged book on Jewish gods = Antisemitic

  1. if the real jesus was real, then he would be as crazy as this people, and the people who follow him back then and of course now also as crazy as their predecessor

    religion , making people crazy since 4000bce

  2. Didn’t know about the “theory” of dinosaurs’ help for building pyramids. I guess now people obsessed with aliens should team up with creationists : 6000 years ago alien gods came to earth as dinosaurs to teach us the holy Bible while building giant tombs, it all makes sense now ! Btw thanks for the video and the overall angle on beliefs taken by the channel.

  3. it should be pastor apollo quiboloy of the pilippines on the 1st spot coz he claim that he is the re encarnation of jesus and he owns the earth….. geezzzzzz!!!!

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