• August 27, 2018


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Tragedy is inevitable. As much as we try to avoid it, the universe tends to push back a little too hard, putting us in terrible and sometimes life threatening situations. As if it weren’t bad enough that we had to live through them, the advent of photography has made it possible for us to travel back to the moments before these horrors unfolded. These are ten images taken right before a tragedy.

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10 thoughts on “10 Photos Taken RIGHT BEFORE TRAGEDY

  1. I thought of a top 10. Top ten Huge Disasters that caused by small things., (i.e a single bolt lying around that caused whole rollercoster to crash, etc)

  2. one thing I’ve always wanted to see a video on YouTube which I’ve not seen yet what have you do a hold of you want it or just mention it in a video I’ll be happy either way more so I can get the whole video on it LOL but I mention it to you guys once before in the past but there is a ghost town in Connecticut call Dudley vill I know very little about it I just have always heard that people used to live there at one point then the time was abandoned for some reason there’s still foundations and even gravesites at a graveyard that still stands to today when I come home as soon as bodies in there. another rumor I heard it said it’s dead quiet there like you hear nothing no animals no nothing like nothing but silence and obviously for the same reason I guess cell phones don’t work radios nothing complete dead zone for everything I don’t know how much of that is true or not but that’s what I’ve been told and I also heard another rumor that there is some crazy family that lives either in there or close by there that every time people try to venture in there will go after you and try to attack you and that’s all bad enough I have also heard that too legal to go there like you’ll get a trespassing ticket for being there if you get caught by the police now I don’t know if I need that is true but I would love to hear some kind of video to know more about it or at the very least haven’t mentioned in a video

  3. There’s a conspiracy behind that Great White concert fire. the band literally ran out the back door and locked it behind them, trapping all those people.

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