10 Prisons That Are Nicer Than Your House

Struggling to make rent? Tired of working to afford a house that doesn’t even have a pool? Turns out there’s a way to live in luxury for absolutely nothing, there’s just one catch… This is 10 Prisons That Are Nicer Than Your House.

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10 thoughts on “10 Prisons That Are Nicer Than Your House

  1. As a CO I hate this shit. I know not all inmates are bad but prison is a punishment and it should be the worst experience of their life so they don’t want to come back.

  2. It always amuses me when people start talking about how great prisoners have it. You do know that you have the ability to go there anytime you want, right? Stop being envious and just go to prison already. Oh you mean you don’t really want to go to prison? Then that there is why they really don’t have it so great, you know?

  3. this is wrong, criminals shouldn’t be given luxuries they should be treat like shit, what has this world come to? It’s almost like they are laughing and mocking the victims.

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