• August 25, 2018


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Remember in 2012 when everyone thought the world was ending? And, you know, the dozens of other times before and after that? Well, if you look through the many mythologies of the world, you’ll find so many different ways the world was – or is – slated to end that we just aren’t paying attention to. Not sure if that’s more or less of a comfort… but here are ten of those ways for your viewing pleasure!

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14 thoughts on “10 RELIGIOUS WAYS The World Will END

    1. At day of judgement which is already mention in quran some signs are already exposed thts why day by day people accepting islam…my family also one of them…

  1. The world will die slowly, climate change and all that, we in the netherlands had the hottest and driest summer ever, 95 to 105 f degrees for 3 months and no rain, rivers are low creeks are dry no grass for cattle (farmers feed winter food already) fish are dying, and small animals have to be saved, oh yes and the trees are dying aswel they drop 10 to 15 % of their leaves and branches die, small bushes and trees are dead. Killing it softly, the earth that is, climate change? not true is it? we can repair the ozone layer, but nobody wants too pay for that, well let’s wait a bit until we fry ok.

  2. As a Christian, I don’t believe the earth will ever be destroyed. It is said in the Bible that earth will exist infinately, but that those who destroy it will perish after getting to know that there is one true God, in Armageddon. Strangely enough, most Christians believe the PLANET will be destroyed.

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