10 Ridiculous Ways Governments Wasted Your Money

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“If there’s one thing governments can do, it’s waste your money. From the US air dropping in cashmere goats to Dubai’s jetpacking firemen, here are 10 Ridiculous Times Government Wasted Your Money.

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11 thoughts on “10 Ridiculous Ways Governments Wasted Your Money

  1. Venezuelans trying to make a country of champions by spending so much. All respects to F1, but they could had focused in making champions in sciences and education for the sake of the country

  2. One point two million dollars.

    1,200,000 dollars
    I can’t even quite understand that much money since I haven’t seen it or had close to that amount ever in my life

    1.2 million dollars on a virtual town. One. Million. Dollars. Wasted..

    1. How could the price even go that high?
      Honestly, without massive corruption how would you even begin to explain such an expense?
      I’d say 20k is high already but for marketing purposes I would let it slip. Maaayybe up to 30.
      But one point two M I L L I O N.

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