• September 24, 2016

10 Safest Spots During World War 3

Welcome to Top10Archive! World War I was ironically called “The war to end all wars”, but was proven wrong when World War II began September 1st, 1939. And World War III may not be too far off on the horizon with dwindling natural resources and political unrest. To have even a remote chance of surviving, we list some of the best places to increase your chances.

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10. Antarctica
9. Tuvalu
8. Malta
7. Switzerland
6. Tristan Da Cunha
5. Iceland
4. Falkland Islands
3. Bhutan
2. Fiji
1. New Zealand

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14 thoughts on “10 Safest Spots During World War 3

  1. Wait Why Isn’t Ireland There We Have No History Of Being Involved In World
    Wars Plus If Any Country Were To Attack Ireland We Would Probably Be
    Ignored For Not Having Any Conflict In A World War

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