• July 18, 2018

10 SCARIEST Versions of The BOGEYMAN

He lurks in the shadows, stalking you at your weakest. From the darkest corners of your comfortable abode he watches, waiting for you to slip into dreamland. No matter what part of the world you’re from, there’s a version of the traditional Bogeyman lingering and waiting to strike. See which you need to fear with these top ten scariest versions…

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10. Namahage
9. Bonhomme Sept-Heures
8. Boggart
7. Small Man
6. Bubak
5. Bolman
4. Pugot Mamu
3. Oude Rode Ogen
2. El Coco
1. Torbalan

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10 thoughts on “10 SCARIEST Versions of The BOGEYMAN

  1. I got one, The Shutter man is a shadowy figure that appears standing in the room while you sleep it only disappears when you open your eyes for a moment before arriving back as you fall back to sleep

  2. Hi, Jim! I loved this video, and honestly think it’s one of your best creepy ones. Plus, that chuckle you gave at the end gave me chills… *thumbs up* Excellent work!

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