• December 24, 2016

10 Shocking Facts Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

“Whenever you step onto a plane, you’re effectively putting your life in the hands of the person flying it.

But is that wise? Find out here with AllTime10s, as they bring you 10 Shocking Facts Airlines Don’t Want You To Know. ”

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10 thoughts on “10 Shocking Facts Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

  1. Flights have to take in to account the weight of the fuel which is why they
    carry only a small amount of fuel beyond what they need for the trip.
    Planes fly themselves while in the air… pilots and co-pilots rarely touch
    the controls except during take-off and landing. These crashes alltime10’s
    mention happen during take-off and landing… that’s when nearly all
    crashes take place. 12% of water tanks tested…. yep, that’s horrible…
    but they Do Not contain Poop “effectively”… That is like saying that Rye
    Bread can contains Ergot (Lysergic Acid)… thus eating Rye Bread is the
    same as eating LSD! Stop blowing smoke up people’s Assholes alltime10’s!!!
    In 2013 3.1 BILLION Passengers flew on airplanes… 60 of them were injured
    by turbulence… WOW!!! I bet more people were injured during disembarkment
    than from turbulence. Lapchild… lapchild?… I… uh… hhhh… no, no
    words… Ya’ll are Fucking Spin Doctors of the Lowest Calibre. Hey Dipshits
    don’t put that Crap on us US citizens; Corporations are to blame for shoddy
    and shady practices… and I wouldn’t waggle your damn finger before you
    look at the corporations that provide services and products to you Brits as

  2. An an airline employee, I will admit aircraft don’t undergo full cleans
    between turns. However they’re cleaned fully and disinfected every night.
    Blankets that are out of their sealed package are usually thrown away after
    that flight.

  3. About No 1 relating Nepal Airlines ..I agree the airlines is blacklisted by
    EU for safety reasons but I completely disagree with the goat sacrificing
    to fix electrical issue. They did sacrifice goat but for a different
    purpose as there is a tradition to offer god before starting anything new.
    As they acquired new Airbus 320, they sacrificed goat to god. I am not
    saying its a good thing to do but the relevance shown in the video is

  4. how are airlines allowed to overbook their flights by up to FIFTY BLOODY
    PERCENT?? i mean, sure, you overbook by 2-5 seats and you inform the
    customers via fine print – that’s fine by me. but HALF the seats are
    double-booked?? that’s 50-200 tickets omfg…

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