• September 10, 2017

10 Shocking Subliminal Messages Hidden In Commercials

We all hate sitting through adverts. But did you know you might have seen some subliminal adverts without even realising it? From hidden dollars in KFC to hot ice cream, here are 10 Shocking Subliminal Messages Hidden In Adverts…

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10 thoughts on “10 Shocking Subliminal Messages Hidden In Commercials

  1. I have a conspiracy theory you now how in the second movie of harry potter they use the mirror to hide the philosopher’s stone and in the end dumbledore says the want who seeks it but doesn’t want to use it can get it so what if ron would see harry’s parents he could mayby bring them back to live

  2. Hahaha.. 9.12 that’s a left wing turkish newspaper… And the headline is about a mayor on a plane, couldn’t read the rest of it.. Why did u choose that newspaper? Any reason or just coincedence, i’m really curious, i hope u have time to answer 🙂

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