10 Stranger Things Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

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It’s one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and just in time for Halloween! But what’s going on with Eleven? What’s the monster in the trailers? Here are 10 Stranger Things Fan Theories for Season 2.

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14 thoughts on “10 Stranger Things Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

    1. Alltime10s I like the first theory which I never thought of but it would make 11 being the only one with powers less unique :/ theory 9 with the mist I hope is true, theory 7 would be a huge twist and give more drive to the story into the upside down, theory 5 I’ve thought of before of how it could be a alternate future dimension where it’s after a nuclear war since its in 1984 and even elev could see Russians in the upside down, theory 3 yup MK ultra (Mauntauk) knew it from the start.

  1. Several big problems with your theory.

    1. If it was El, why would she take Will to the hatchery and put an eel critter down his throat. It doesn’t make sense for El – or any part of El – to do that.
    2. If it was El, why not (subconsciously) use it to kill all the government agents threatening her right from the beginning?
    3. If it was El, why would it need to feed on blood or meat to survive? Psychic constructs don’t need to feed on anything material.

    Even if it was a psychic construct created by someone, it makes more sense that the person subconsciously controlling it is Will, not El. Will created the Demogorgon in his mind. El only set it free by accident. Or another option, it was created by El’s mother.

    There are a lot more logical options than blaming it on El. She doesn’t fit.

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