• April 18, 2019

10 Strictest Countries in the World

The world can be a scary place. None more so than these places! These are the 10 Strictest Countries In The World…

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15 thoughts on “10 Strictest Countries in the World

    1. +Bon Dozen
      Lmao what? You literally get beheaded if you are gay/lesbian in Iran, plus the country is ruled by a crazy ultra religious dictator along with other oligarchs.

    2. Honestly, I am surprised China and Cuba aren’t on the list. North Korea and Syria are obvious, but many former Slavic countries have severe punishments for homosexuals. Why not Uganda?

  1. Whahbism is a 17th century invention and is not the majority of islam the majority is sunni but the western world gave control to the whahbi sect of islam so its the westerns fault

  2. You ever wonder if this man in the video ever actually reads any of our comments? Every video asks you to quote our opinions in the comments, but you think they ever actually read them or do they just want us to waste time typing?

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