10 Survival Tips That Could Get You Killed

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Turns out staying alive is harder than just watching a few Bear Grylls shows. From first aid fallacies to spurious survival stories, here are 10 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed.

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10 thoughts on “10 Survival Tips That Could Get You Killed

  1. Guys. Literally stop saying, “your saying that it’s better to bleed out?” To counter the problem, step 1
    Stop the bleeding with gauze and or pieces of cloth
    2. Wrap that wound up with some more gauze after the bleeding stops
    3. Change the bandage every once in a while
    Also did you actually think that they meant bleeding out was a better option? They just said that cutting off your blood supply is a bad idea.
    Duh. Also, if you cut an artery, tourniquets can be useful for a little while at least. If you just opened a vein, just follow steps 1 through 3.

  2. Omg! I remember when my boyfriends sister had a fit, people were yelling “keep her mouth open” and “ram a spoon in her mouth, or a finger!” My response was ” you call 999 and if you ram a spoon in her mouth I’ll ram one up your arse” my boyfriend, her sensible friend and I put her on her side ( as we were in the middle of a freaking road, half on half off the pavement ( such fun) people then insisted we should hold her down. I put a coat under her head so she didn’t hurt her head or neck, and told, well made ( in an angry stylee!) Everyone back off and let her fit ,as she was not going to hurt herself. Hold her down she may hurt you tho!!! Once she finished fitting myself and her friend supported her head and kept it to the side, at this point she had started puking bile. So we kept her air ways clear and kept talking to her til the ambulance arrived. I cannot believe the ignorance of some people a spoon in the mouth could have broke her jaw, and your finger in her mouth during a grand mal seizure, yeah well say goodbye to that finger lol! I’m not saying we got it right I’m sure some medics would say we were wrong too. But my main concern was her recieving no further damage and b. Stopping her aspirating her own vomit, and she’s alive so I guess we did Sth right?

  3. I beg to differ with what you said about it being impossible to swallow your tongue. When I was an infant, mine had rolled into the back of my throat. I recently looked up why it happened when I talked to my mom about it and it’s actually possible to swallow your tongue.

  4. 7:50 so many of these have huge holes. fire in a cave one, surely if it is just a small fire to keep warm around 1 foot high you are not going to cause any seismic shifts lol, you clearly mentioned these kids had a 2 meter high fire, that is a little excessive and should not be associated with all fires, I thought is was going to be something intelligent like fumes and oxygen but no.

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