• August 31, 2017

10 Suspected Alien Hideouts

If Aliens have visited us, there’s no telling where they could be hiding – but a lot of people think they know. From New Mexico to the Moon, Here’s 10 Suspected Alien Hideouts.

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15 thoughts on “10 Suspected Alien Hideouts

    1. *GODDAMN, THERE’S ALOTTA HATE UP IN THIS BITCH* Y’all niggas gotta go somewhere else with yo negativity. Close minded ass hats. If you don’t like this shit then don’t watch it, no one’s forcing your retarded ass to do so

  1. I’m planning to camp in Tonto National Forest if I can make this cross-country road/train trip happen..and visit all the ghost towns, national parks, national forests, national monuments, etc. etc. etc.

  2. Aliens in our oceans? I wonder what they’d look like would they be like Humaniod fish people that have breath apparatuses? Or the aliens undersea look like Aquaman?

  3. I played Fifa with a alien
    I lost 2-1
    Then we ate dinner
    Then the next day I went to mars

    In Mars was a Aliens party,
    I was also invited
    So I went there

    The Aliens were really nice they gave me food etc..
    Then I came back to earth

  4. Saw a documentary a few days ago that’s on Netflix about UFO’s and aliens in general. I honestly hope all of this is just theories because if not it’s kind of crazy to think how such a big thing could be kept secret for so long

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