• November 19, 2017

10 Theories About The Marvel Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

From Groot being God to the whereabouts of the soul stone. Here are 10 Theories about the Marvel universe that will blow your mind!

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11 thoughts on “10 Theories About The Marvel Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. So what was the purpose of the first theory? I dont get it. He lost intentionally and what did he achieve? In the end, he still ended up buddying up with Thor, unless you’re saying that was his master plan all along? And what so mind-blowing about the Civil
    War theory???

  2. Groot is alien not a god ,according to marval its have a origin story in which ranon destroyed his planet and there was a seed on that planet which generates the plant like alien species including the groot and when planet was destroyed groot survived becoz he took the seed and it’s inside his chest and that why he can regenerat and have ni limits of it

  3. If it can be included as stated before that Walt Disney owns Marvel; regarding Stan Lee’s lack of intervention, in the Disney film ‘Big Hero 6’ after the end credits it’s shown that Fred discovers a hidden (superhero?) room and soon Stan Lee makes his cameo revealing himself as Fred’s Father. Would this affect the Theory of Stan Lee being a Watcher?

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