• July 5, 2019

10 Things Banned For Being Politically Incorrect

We live in a world of political correctness gone MAD. But even though there’s a lot to complain about, there is also a LOT to laugh about too. These are 10 Things Stupidly Banned For Being ‘Politically Incorrect’.

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15 thoughts on “10 Things Banned For Being Politically Incorrect

    1. Well seeing how sjw’s have skin as thin as toilet paper I think at this point it be better to just to put your foot down and tell them to grow up because censorship has gone too far now.

    2. Christianity should not be forced onto Others. So it makes perfect sense. Separation between church and state should be an amendment….. Oh wait it is.

  1. Why didn’t they just called them “chocolate eggs”? You know, cuz… They’re made of chocolate… And look like eggs.
    “Prisioners” are now called “students”? Please make it go both ways… Since that’s how I feel whenever I go to class.

  2. Inmates deserve the titles given to them. Calling them a “Community Member” is relating them to non-criminal members of society

  3. Meanwhile in Washington DC, the Redskins is still the name of an NFL football team despite the Native American Indians requesting the name be changed because it’s offensive to them.

    This is a terrible idea… I mean, when in the hell has anyone Washington DC given a damn what the Native American Indians wanted?

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