• October 18, 2017

10 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future

Clairvoyant cartoons are more common than you’d think. From The Simpsons predicting a tiger fight to South Park forecasting the fall of Miley Cyrus, here are 10 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future.

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15 thoughts on “10 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future

    1. Alltime10s none of these were coincidences….you guys didn’t bother trying to researcher your own selection to check accuracy….how fucking surprising….this channel is notorious for this bogus shit. Lazy fuckwads.

  1. 5:06 You placed the Philippine Flag upside down (red in the top and blue in the bottom) which means war in our country. Please correct this Alltime10s. It is supposed to be blue at the top and red at the bottom 🙂

  2. something like Rosie(alexa/roomba) is not too far off. your robot maid can be initialized to vacuum on command(kinda). Also , X-files spin-off the lone gunman pilot episode in march of 01 portrays a hacked plane being overridden and used for said predictive purpose….

  3. Alltime10s i have a concern the Philippine Flag that was used in Pia Wurtzbach’s background is wrong..Red symbolizes War..the right one is Blue is on the top and the red is under..hope u can change the background of it thanks

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