• October 28, 2018

10 Times Police Swatting Went HORRIBLY Wrong

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Swatting is a crazy new trend where a hoax call is made to emergency services with the aim of bringing armed officers to a person’s address to scare them. Online gamers, YouTubers, and celebrities are most commonly the victims of these irresponsible pranks, and what may well have started out as someone’s idea of a joke can quickly turn into a dangerous and even fatal series of events. In our list of the top ten times swatting went wrong, we’re counting down the most brutal and frightening results of this terrifying trend.

13 thoughts on “10 Times Police Swatting Went HORRIBLY Wrong

  1. SWAT  VS  TOP  MOVIE  STARS  AND  KILLING  IT!!! and maybe  RODNEY KINGED like a good  beating by  RAMPART DIVISION say  75  hits a baton ouch!

  2. Love the video Jim but honestly was wrong with kids nowadays why do they have to inflict harm upon other people by swatting it don’t make no sense but I loved your video let me learn of a new thing that I didn’t know what was true

  3. wait a minute, doesnt the police department have devices to track phonecalls? if so, why cant they just reverse dial and find the idiots who made this prank calls?

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