• February 27, 2019

10 TV Shows That Saved Lives

TV shows are the main source of entertainment for families everywhere, so it should come as no surprise that sometimes certain moments stay in our brains and affect our day to day lives. In these cases, they’ve helped us more than they could know! These are 10 TV Shows That Saved Lives!

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10 thoughts on “10 TV Shows That Saved Lives

  1. It’s amazing Game of Thrones tops a list of shows that save people’s lives when you consider it’s a show that is known for the record amount of murders per episode.

  2. giving some one a different job than prostitute, is NOT the same as saving a life, saying game of thrones saved her life is a GIGANTIC stretch…… improved it? undoubtedly. But saved it?, probably not.

  3. PLAGIARISM ALERT!!! I just so happen to be a fan of Cracked.com … and so this video’s topic and its content gave me a bad case of the Déjà vu! Back in March, 2011, Cracked.com did an article entitled: “6 TV Shows You Won’t Believe Saved People’s Lives”. And lo and behold, this video copied the shows and their respective content. Okay, so Alltime 10s added a few more, but basically, the Cracked.com article included the life-saving stories from The Simpsons, X-Factor, Spongebob, Mythbusters, and Hollyoaks. Given that this video portrayed not only the same shows, but the same exact people whose lives were saved…as well as including a British soap opera unknown to American audiences…makes a mere coincidence seem unlikely. Here’s the link:

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