• May 26, 2019

10 Unsolved Mysteries of 4Chan


4Chan is known for containing the weird and unexpected… These strange posts have never been explained. These are 10 Unsolved Mysteries of 4Chan…

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15 thoughts on “10 Unsolved Mysteries of 4Chan

    1. Yes I solved them all in less than 5 seconds

      My IQ is in the top 3%

      I saw the hidden object straightaway

      I spat my coffee out laughing

      I knew who the secret killer was

      I fell off my chair laughing

      I called the police when I saw a penny on the ground too

      I died laughing

      Have a great day everyone

      I nearly choked laughing

      My dog does the exact same thing

      I solved all of the riddles

      I wet myself laughing at that part

      I was offended by the other part

      I did the tide pod challenge

      I love your channel keep it going

      I’m on the floor laughing at that part

      I had someone chase me through a forest in a clown costume

      My stomach hurts from laughing

      I’m the fairest of them all

    2. 10:12 “Q’s claims seem now to have been largely refuted with various insider photos the user supposedly took being revealed as from stock footage websites” … are you OK? You need help.

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