• November 11, 2018

10 Unusual Twins You WON’T BELIEVE Exist

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Twins are not that uncommon, and most of the time they’re just as nondescript as non-twins. But, every now and then genetics surprise us and creates two siblings that are strange, unusual, and sometimes terrifying. Twins have been documented communicating without words and committing terrible crimes to prove their unbreakable bond to the rest of the world. Discover all this and more in our list of the top 10 unusual twins you won’t believe exist.

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10. Twins Born In Different Years
9. The Strange, Murderous Bond
8. The twins with different dads
7. The World’s Oldest Twins
6. Little and Large
5. Telepathic Twins
4. Anna and Lucy DeCinque
3. The Hensel Twins
2. Silent Twins
1. Black and White Twins

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14 thoughts on “10 Unusual Twins You WON’T BELIEVE Exist

    1. Top 10 Archive a few things are different about us like our hair mines curly his is straight our eyes lips smile, what we have alike is our voice we sound exactly like eachother especially over the phone

    2. +socali raised Same gender? Different hair color and such? My kids are fraternal twins, too.. One boy/one girl.. Different hair color and completely different personalities.. born 17 seconds apart from a C-section.. Though they do have their own language.. Did you have your own language that you could remember?

  1. You go in hospital and have artificial examination and 9 months later you end up having some Africans baby all because they didn’t clean the needle out, fuck you would be happy. Lol big law suit.

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