• August 22, 2019

10 War Heroes Abandoned By Their Countries

When you fight for your country, you’d think the very least your country would do, is allow you basic human rights and the things necessary to survive… But sadly, not in these cases. These are 10 War Heroes Abandoned By Their Countries.

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16 thoughts on “10 War Heroes Abandoned By Their Countries

    1. The Hmong.

      During the Vietnam war they were in the center of the war in a country called Laos, the country is land locked by Thailand, Burma, Vietnam Cambodia, and China. They were a group of people that did not have a country or army.

      In the year 1960 They were enlisted by the United States CIA to fight and defend the Americans against the ho chi min trail from eastern laos as the special guerilla units.

      Many of those listed to be soldiers were young boy from ages 10 and up. The teenage daughters were young nurses. While some fought children without even being enlisted.

      Thousands of them were murdered, when United states pulled out of the war, they were abandoned by the government that had supported them, those who fled had to escape genocide mass murder, rape, and gas poisonings. The only way to escape was thailand, and to get to Thailand was crossing the Mekong river, there were many drowned trying to cross the river to get to refugee camps. To this day majority of them today are around the world, many of them have died with a wish to be able to go back home to the good days of peace. While many of them are still hiding in the jungles of Laos today trying escape the genocide from the communists, and are still hoping till this day the CIA or the government of the United states come rescue them.

    2. I dont think he was forgotten but a whermacht officer named engle died during castle itter escorting the French prime minister by a ss sniper they also helped the Americans

    3. Aristides de Sousa Mendes, portuguese Consul in Bordeaux granted thousands of portuguese visas to jewish refugees escaping the nazis, despite having direct orders from the fascist dictator of Portugal (Salazar) not to interfere. They escaped safely to the US and he then died in complete poverty because Salazar stripped him of everything

  1. What about Karel Janoušek, he commanded the Czechoslovak aircrews in exile in Britain. During this time the Germans murdered his wife and siblings. Upon his return home he was ousted from his post and send in prison for most of his remaining life. Truly a remarkable man who gave everything for his country.

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