• September 21, 2017

10 Ways Humans Will Evolve in the Future

From smaller brains, to hotter women and even humans growing beaks! These are 10 Ways That Humans Will Evolve In The Future!

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways Humans Will Evolve in the Future

  1. Evolution is a fairy tale theory dreamed up by man who married his cousin and thought black people were subhuman. Even Darwin admitted he didn’t *know* it was true. Hence the “I think” he famously said.

  2. Have you seen the news? If anything, we’re degenerating! People are like primates, throwing piss, getting offended by flags and statues, etc. Also, *wanting* to be a victim is contrary to survival. Humans glorifying abortion and gay relationships are also contrary to survival. All this proves that evolution is a false theory. We won’t survive ourselves. We’re only getting worse!

  3. I was just thinking about this. Time traveling is not possible ALTHOUGH we could “go back in time”. How? Well we might be able to create a powerful computer, I mean POWERFUL AF, and make a 3D model of the (eg) year 2050 and later that, you will be able to activate it so it will look like you “went back in time”. However it is not gonna be possible to go in the future. I know sad 🙁 Also why the time travel is not possible? It is because humans created time and it is not a real thing :/ so making the computer remember all the particles is what I’m trying to say.
    Did you read the whole thing? I just thought of this in like 5 minutes

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