• November 19, 2018

10 Ways Prison Isn’t As Bad As You Thought

Prisons are the places where we put the worst criminals in our societies – so surely they should be being punished, right? Well, from pets to cell phones and everything else in between, these are 10 Ways Prison Isn’t As Bad As You Thought…

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways Prison Isn’t As Bad As You Thought

  1. out of 30 millions homes in the uk ….. 18 MILLION has sky tv, in the usa the food cost is NOT $15 a day …. its 30cents a day, he college education in the usa is NOT free, the person needs to pay for it when they get out of prison

  2. everyone is always criticizing of jail. like seriously… what’s the freakin point of paying an insane amount of money for school that sucks when you could just get the same stuff & facility but even better than a sucky butt school for just a low cost or maybe even free. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////the point of JAIL: teach the person who do bat things the right way to live (by doing good things /deeds). /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////so government is not going to let all of the prisoners dies of a cruel punishment because the government it SELF is still have heart and soul of a kind person

  3. Hmm, maybe after you are beaten and raped, they’ll reconstruct your rectum for free, and you can go on and finish that “non-violence behavior in prison” essay for your education.

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