• May 26, 2017

10 Ways To Survive A Plane Crash

Statistically speaking, planes are one of the safest ways of getting about. But, if you are one of the unlucky few to end up in a plane crash… here are a few tips that would be worth remembering.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways To Survive A Plane Crash

  1. now i will never Get in a plane now and one human Had negative panic She allmost died i cryed a lil bit i will never go on a plane anymore!.

  2. This video is life important remember life can not be replace materials can be replace and if you can help others do it SURVIVAL is the name of the game and this is one game we need to always win

  3. Prayers to God for safety travels, flights, takeoff and landing’, to all the aeroplane passenger pilots of this world Godspeed, and a time to time checking, updating of the airplane’s over all materials.,.. safe and sound, everyone,..🙏👴

  4. I can’t imagine someone ACTUALLY fetching their carry-on luggage after a plane crash, but I’m not surprised. Anyone blocking the aisle trying to get their luggage will get a swift kick from me.

  5. The Airbus A340 isn´t completely accident free, there was a crash in Toronto, Canada with Air France flight 358.
    Also Asiana flight 214 didn’t crash in South Korea it crashed in San Francisco.

  6. Where you sit doesn’t really matter that much, sure sitting at the back seems safer, but what if the plane landed ass first attempting a landing?

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