10 Ways Vegans Are Ruining The World

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Is opting for a meat & dairy free diet ruining the world? Join Alltime10’s as we take you through 10 reasons why sticking to be meat might be better for the planet.

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18 thoughts on “10 Ways Vegans Are Ruining The World

    1. Alltime10s nigga this list is garbage where the fuck did you get these resources wtf blood advacodos bullshit thats just something we tell white people dam wtf is this vegan not vegan were are all ruining the world cuz we don’t grow our own food we rely on big super markets that’s all I bet if anyone took the time to prime an animal for consumption people would have more appreciation for the process and the animals same thing with plants yet veganisam is the future cuz it popular see we should be canivals it’s alot better for the environmental impact u fuck
      Fuk the world is not like no matter what we are all fucked either way

    2. +DylPickle Vids So eating dismembered animal corpses, chicken periods and secretions from another species is “normal”? Is supporting an industry that tortures, enslaves and slaughters billions of animals every year “normal”? Is supporting the main industry responsible for contributing to global warming “normal”? Is eating ridiculous amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol “normal”? Is eating foods directly linked to cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and several other chronic diseases normal? The World Health organization reviewed over 800 studies and concluded that red meat and processed meats are carcinogens. But who cares? It’s normal.

    3. kelly shea lol says vegans are retards but the video says things like vegans are the reason for crime in Mexico concerning avocados except we aren’t the only ones that eat avocados. That has nothing to do with veganism. Cashews same thing. B12 we can get from fortified foods n supplements. Increase risk for heart disease but don’t show links for the research done. Vegans retarded nah. This video is though and any one who agrees without doing their own research also is… Well ignorant

  1. This doesn’t constitute an argument against a plant-based diet, for a couple of reasons. Most of it is valid criticism of specific foods which it would be responsible to research before choosing veganism and then opting not to consume them. My personal research ultimately led to becoming a herbalist. As for phytoestrogens in soya, well, I tried that because I wanted to transition M2F “naturally” and it doesn’t work. What it does do is reduce your body’s sensitivity to oestrogen as a feedback mechanism.

    People just need to do their research and none of this would be a problem. Also, veganism is not a diet.

  2. To those complaining that this video is “Spreading misinformation” or misleading the masses, please kindly explain which entries are incorrect, how they are incorrect and how to make them correct. Simply yelling “You’re Wrong” not only doesn’t help, it just makes you sound like an uneducated child

    1. mbanana23456 the nutrient deficiency one for example is simply inaccurate. The academy of nutrition and dietetics where thousands of registered nutritionists state that veganism is nutritionally adequate and is for all ages. Just google the organization name and the word vegan next to it. Meat eaters also tend to be b12 deficient and are likely deficient in many other areas compared to vegans.

  3. This is a lot of BS. How does a person who cannot even phytoestrogen even get to make this video. I’m a vegetarian (mostly vegan) of 50 plus years, and I look and feel better than most people my age. I am also a practicing pharmacist of 27 years, and let me tell you, no diet is bad if balanced. Overall, there is a lot more harm in a meat and dairy diet. When you eat plants, you may worry about herbicides or pesticides, and for every step you go further in the food chain, you compound the problem – now you can add hormones, antibiotic, diseases, etc. A vegan and vegetarian diet is much more environmentally friendly than the BS on this video portrays. I could argue against every single point made here, but I simply don’t have the time. I hope people are not dumb enough to believe all this.

  4. Salty Vegans can deny it all they want, but our current system of agriculture is an environmentally catastrophically inefficient mess regardless of whether you’re talking about animals or plants.

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