• September 2, 2018

10 Worst Countries For Women

Whilst various countries are atleast trying to make strides towards gender equality, in these countries being a woman is nothing short of awful.

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15 thoughts on “10 Worst Countries For Women

    1. THAT THIS VIDEO WAS FULL OF RAAAAACISM!!! Don’t you realize that in Scandinavia they have only a picture of a MALE in the traffic signs designating a cross-walk!!! Also there are music festivals where there are LESS FEMALE ARTISTS THAN MALES PLAYING!!! Can you imagine that? Also, we have such oppressive words like “policeMAN” and “fireMAN” although they can be women as well!!!

      Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark should be in the top-5 in this list!!!!

    2. The fact that India and US are not in the list is shocking.. Most of these countries have major male and minor female rights and laws infact that accidents like rape, sexual assault, honor killing, acid attacks happens in the countries with strict laws for men as well, Pakistan don’t seems to fit at #2 infact should not be included in the list.. Also I think this list is total bullshit because it shows syria, saudia etc are less worst than Pakistan itself what a joke lmao

    3. +Sunny Khan
      Thanks, and this jerk puts Pakistan on the 2nd place.
      I bet under all the Muslim countries Turkey and Pakistan are the most developed countries for women.

  1. I don’t agree with Pakistan. That is the only country on this list that I have Been to. The children being married is absolutely not true. But the previous Prime Minister was corrupt but he is now in jail for 10 years.

  2. Stupid video we are Muslim we don’t want our women become bitch like the women in your country and we care about her and if we caught her and she sleep with one guy (without any Islamic relation) we will punch her 100 lashes same with guy

    The point is we care about god rules and you care about Satan rules

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