• March 16, 2018


Hey YouTube, Jim here. Welcome to Top10Archive! What did you want to be when you grew up? A fireman? A nurse? Maybe a trust fund baby? Whatever it was, chances are you weren’t begging to be a parent by the time you were 13. Or, heck, even five! Yet it still happens, hence how we can provide you with the entertainment of this Archive of ten young parents you wouldn’t believe exist!

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10. Lina Medina
9. Luisa Arenas
8. Mum-Zi
7. Alleshia Gregson
6. Nathan Fishbourne and April Webster
5. Sean Stewart and Emma Webster
4. Valentina Isaeva
3. Tia Davies and Jordan Williams
2. The Anonymous Teenagers of Britain
1. Tyler Barker and Chantelle Steadman


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10 thoughts on “10 YOUNGEST PARENTS You Won’t BELIEVE EXIST

  1. The question that needs to be answered is the first girl, HOW did she get pregnant!? Was it Incest/rape or something? Seems that is the case….

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