• December 14, 2016

A New Hope Vs The Force Awakens

A New Hope Vs The Force Awakens

The ultimate Star Wars showdown, today we’re putting Episode IV: A New Hope Vs Episode VII: The Force Awakens to discover which is the better Star Wars film! But which will take home the versus victory? Which had better Action, Better Heroes, Better Villains, Better Acting? Watch to find out!

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10 thoughts on “A New Hope Vs The Force Awakens

  1. I loved Force Awakens and Im sure Episode 8 and 9 will be amazing as
    well…. However there is no contest here the original Trilogy will always
    be better

  2. For me new hope wins over TFA because Luke is more human, he has flaws but
    up to train and get better, he is good on some things but not so good on
    other things. He can drop proton torpedoes in a ventilation shaft because
    he did those stuff with his friend Bigs, but he can’t win a light saber
    duel against Darh vader; Ray in the other hand is over power, she excel on
    everything and can do EVERYTHING with A++++ score; She can beat Luke’s
    apprentice in a sword battle without no formal training, she seems to know
    the force better than Luke ever did without any mentor… IDK I don’t like
    smart ass OP characters who can’t be believable; For that Luke is the one i
    can feel more related to as a Hero than Ray. And don’t get me started on
    what i think about Finn

  3. Just to make it clear, I love all the movies, the original 3 films, the
    prequels AND the force awakens. I don’t get ehy people hate on the prequels
    or TFA, if it’s so much of a problem they are not able to watch videos like
    this and discuss in a critical way with others. So here’s my opinion: A new
    hope is way bettet than TFA, but not just because one is great and the
    other is a shitty copy but because I can’t get warm with the characters. I
    enjoyed the film but I liked Luke, Han, Leia as well as Anakin, Padme and
    Obiwan way better. Of course the Prequels were not as great as the
    Originals but I guess you can’t reach a masterpiece with something new.
    That doesn’t mean the other films are bad. So, just looking at the
    villains, Kylo is in fact interesting and Rey and Kylo leave a lot if space
    for fan theories. The story is good but not great. Nothing too special, but
    enjoyable. The greatest aspect of TFA were the old music and Characters we
    all know. The film is good and we will all see how everything develops
    within the next 2 films, but I personally like the other 6 films better. NO

  4. Funny seeing all these TFA haters, saying it sucks and is “the worst Star
    Wars film”. Are we forgetting The Phantom Menace, or the other atrocious
    prequels? And A New Hope is still great, but it’s definitely overrated. The
    Empire Strikes Back is the best ;)

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