AMC to SUE MoviePass Over $10 All You Can Watch Subscription – The CineFiles Ep. 34

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AMC to SUE MoviePass Over $10 All You Can Watch Subscription – The CineFiles Ep. 34 Subscribe: //
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Unfortunately bad news seems to be the theme of this week’s CineFiles! In an interview with WEEI, Casey Affleck let it slip that he doesn’t think his brother Ben Affleck will be returning as Batman, with this year’s Justice League being his last time donning the cape and cowl. No stranger to performing his own stunts, Tom Cruise didn’t quite nail his latest one, as he broke his ankle in an attempt to jump from one building to another on the set of Mission: Impossible 6. And in business news, MoviePass – a subscription based service for moviegoers – lowered to their monthly rate to $9.95 for unlimited movies at the theatres. Movie giant AMC has taken issue with the price cut, and intends to sue the company for “ruining” the moviegoing experience. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down the week’s biggest news in cinema.

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13 thoughts on “AMC to SUE MoviePass Over $10 All You Can Watch Subscription – The CineFiles Ep. 34

  1. I have a Moviepass membership and did a review just on the topic, so people can ask me on my channel if they have any questions. Personally, I’m not sure how AMC can opt out of the service since MoviePass loads their credit card with funds to purchase tickets. I guess they can just ban people from using the MoviePass credit card, although I’m not sure about the legality of that if they do that.

  2. I HATE AMC for this crap. They are scum for trying to sue this service. They still make their money so why bitch because people are getting a better deal?

  3. I would rather not have Ben quit being batman, sure there have been better batmen but he’s the curent, changing actors would be bad, batman v superman and suicide squad weren’t good, he did really good as batman, and he’s a really good actor

  4. I like how they added words from other reporters to what Casey said. It’s already been confirmed that he was just having fun with the audience. Click bait I’m telling you

  5. What really ruins the movie experience is the fact that it costs $40 at the theater for 2 tickets, a medium soda, and a medium popcorn. Basically, it costs too damned much to go to the theater these days.

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