• May 28, 2017

Another Top 10 D*CK MOVES While Playing Video Games

Another Top 10 D*CK MOVES While Playing Video Games // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW – Tune into WatchMojo Live on YouTube May 31 : WatchMojo Live Creative Forum 2 pm – 5 pm: : WatchMojo Live Party 6 pm- 9 pm: What can we say? There’s a lot of d*cks out there…These are yet another batch of the things that are just straight up not cool to do when you’re playing a video game – but if you missed it the first time, check out our original list. But, as soon as you get that over with, allow me to welcome you to and today we’re counting down our picks for the ANOTHER batch of the Top 10 D*ck Moves While Playing Video Games.

00:41 #10. Teammate Blaming
01:27 #9. Scamming Others During Online Trades
02:22 #8. Going Rogue
03:12 #7. False Reporting
03:58 #6. Sabotaging Vehicles
04:40 #5. Camping
05:18 #4. Spawn Killing
06:00 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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9 thoughts on “Another Top 10 D*CK MOVES While Playing Video Games

  1. When it comes to smurfing i think it’s a bit childish to do it in ranked.
    But then again if you’re smart enough it’ll only speed up your learning curve.

  2. Well… you can blame the mercy that didnt heal and was only shooting, or the lucio that only switches to heal aura when he is hurt, or the rein who doesn’t put up his shield when pushing, or the soldier who runs alone gets killed and blames the team for not protecting him, or the dude who refuses to change to something more useful (example: on attack the symetra doesn’t change to healer and the team is dying), etc etc

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