Another Top 10 Video Game Sidekicks

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Every good hero needs a good sidekick, and there are a lot of good heroes out there. These are another bunch of buddies, teammates, friends, confidants, partners and yes, sidekicks that have made our journeys through some of our favorite video games even better. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Video Game Sidekicks!

00:38 #10. Quiet – “Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain” (2015)
01:29 #9. Dixie Kong – “Donkey Kong” series (1995)
02:09 #8. BT72 – “Titanfall 2” (2016)
02:57 #7. Kazooie – “BanjoKazooie” (1998)
03:42 #6. Potato GLaDOS – “Portal 2” (2011)
04:29 #5. Claptrap – “Borderlands” series (2009)
05:12 #4. Elizabeth – “Bioshock Infinite” (2013)
06:05 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Video Game Sidekicks

  1. i thought Elizabeth was terrible sidekick. she was less a person and more of a walking talking vending machine ready to supply you with things.. Ellie from Last of Us on the other hand, who should be on the list, felt like a real person that wasn’t there for no purpose. i often forgot about Elizabeth while playing Bioshock Infinite, but never forgot about Ellie while playing Last of US

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