• February 17, 2017

Anti-Heroes: What Makes Them Different? – Troped!


The term “Anti-Hero” gets tossed around a lot, describing a diverse set of characters from Deadpool to Larry David! But where does this term come from, who were the original anti-heroes, and what separates these characters from their counterpart, the traditional hero? On this episode of WatchMojo’s Troped, we’ll be going all the way back to Ancient Greece to trace the lineage of this archetype from The Odyssey, to Hamlet, to The Sopranos, all the way to Daredevil and Deadpool! We’ll also take a look at why there are so many anti-heroes on TV all of a sudden.

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10 thoughts on “Anti-Heroes: What Makes Them Different? – Troped!

  1. What about Jonah Hex, the comic equivalent to The man with no name who brought the darkness to the all american western stories? And most important, where’s Deadpool’s big brother Lobo? He’s a helluva antihero!

  2. I have a question for any other Supernatural fans in the comments. Do you consider the Winchesters (and I’m counting Cas) heroes or anti-heroes? Ignore all iterations when they weren’t really themselves (i.e. Demon Dean) and focus on the actual characters. They save people but are willing to use them as bait and don’t mind stabbing someone who’s possessed, they help anyone they can but they started in the job motivated by revenge, they save lives and often the world, when they’re not accidentally breaking it, but cheat, lie and steal to do it. I still think of them as good guys and heroes, but it’s arguable they fall more into the anti-hero category. What do you think?

  3. I love it when you have a bad bad guy who does noble things. Then in the movie, there’s that ONE scene where they remind the audience of who they really are. Jonh Wick 2-Pencil scene. I was literally like CHILL JOHN CHILL ITS COOL BRO ITS A PRANK ITS PRANK!!!

  4. Anti heroes are willing to delve into the morally grey area’s that can be debated weather its the right thing or not, it honestly tends to make them more interesting as characters (one of the reasons i hate a boy scout like superman).

  5. I honestly like both. That being said, I feel like there has to be a healthy mix between the two. We can’t all have heros that play by the rules or 10 deadpools or punishers.

  6. This is also the reason why Marvel succeeded in the 70’s. To quote itsjustsomerandomguy, “Why aspire to be like Superman when you can relate to Spider-Man?”

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