• June 7, 2019

Dog Saves OWNERS LIFE! Fact or Fiction?

A murderer whose crime was celebrated, astronauts up to no good, and a dog that came between life and death. These three stories may seem strange, but is it possible that their foundations are rooted in truth? Tonight, let’s test your abilities to decide between fact.. or fiction.

Wife Kills Husband Over Cat – Fact or Fiction?

Man Eats Own Amputated Foot With Friends

Pet Cat Calls 911 And Saves Owner – FACT or FICTION?

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10 thoughts on “Dog Saves OWNERS LIFE! Fact or Fiction?

  1. The first one wouldn’t even be murder – at least not by Austrian law – since he lashed out on impulse and without the intention to kill. It would rather be assault resulting in death.

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  5. Hello 👋 Jim 😉 very nice 👍 voice today brother my friend 😃 I saw that in this video NASA bro very nice 👍 cool 😎 Jim I am ilke Jim my man 👨

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