• January 8, 2017

Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto

Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto

The two biggest series in shonen history. Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, with its cast of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Trunks, is known as one of the greatest anime of all time. Naruto and its Shippuden sequel, seems to be following the same path. But which of these shows is the best?

We’re taking into account the characters, story, setting, fight scenes, music, and more in this edition of WatchMojo Versus. So whether you want to be Hokage or compete in the Budokai tournament, maybe you’ll enjoy this one.

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10 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto

  1. Dragonball is my choice
    I don’t like naruto because all they do is finish stories
    I like dragonball because i watched goku over the years to evolve whenever
    he lose to a fight
    And he saved a universe and a history(timeline)
    Sorry naruto but dragonball is just too awesome for you.

  2. your story argument until you realize that the vast majority of characters
    stories were told in Dragonball the original series before DBZ came out. We
    don’t NEED to know more about them because we know EVERYTHING about the
    vast majority of the main characters that have become well know with in the
    franchise. Gohan doesn’t have a story to be told really as we see him grow
    up as the series progresses from early childhood to full grown adult.
    Vegeta we get to hear his story from Freeza himself and we see him deal
    with the destruction of his planet repeatedly as it’s a choking point for
    him. he feels unable to give up his pride as a saiyan and the PRINCE of
    them for that matter even while full on knowing he can never catch up to
    Goku proper. the list goes on but the point is we learned about these
    characters and their pasts either before DBZ came to be, OR we WATCH their
    story from start to end…or in this case present, as the series goes on.
    Unless a character is going to die for GOOD we don’t need a deep story for
    them we just need to know their motives more often than not. naruto is
    unnecessarily deep for the sole purpose to drag out the series as long as

  3. I have watched almost all of DBZ and All of Naruto. Both are 2 of my
    favorites and both are two of the greatest anime ever, but I will NEVER,
    EVER say DBZ is better than Naruto. Sure DBZ has stronger characters, but
    thats because of the power cap of naruto is different than the one of dbz.
    Even tho dbz has stronger characters, Naruto’s story is better, the
    characters are more developed, there is a wider range of jutsu abilities,
    and it’s not as cliche as DBZ. I mean dbz was one of my favorites but we
    all know what’s going to happen: New foe wants to destroy earth/the
    universe, Goku fights him and gets tossed around a little bit, then at the
    end of the fight he pulls through and wins. Seeing one major DBZ fight is
    like seeing them all.

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