• December 4, 2017

FACT or FICTION – “BACK FROM THE DEAD” [Season 1, Episode 2] (YouTube Series)

We know death to be the end of this bumpy ride we call life. It’s the one guarantee and one of few things that links everybody in the world to one another. We’re all facing the inevitability of an eternal vast darkness or a higher plane of existence, but what if some of us could beat death? We all face our mortality in our own ways, but the following three stories show that some aren’t willing to let go..
Is there a way to come back from the beyond… or are we spinning fantastical fallacies? Put your perception to the test as you determine whether these stories are a product of fact… or fiction.

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20 thoughts on “FACT or FICTION – “BACK FROM THE DEAD” [Season 1, Episode 2] (YouTube Series)

  1. The third one was easy to see through in my opinion. First off it was on a first name basis only, also the names were ‘generic’ aka common names John and Jennifer. Lastly it was over-detailed as heck, including bits of what she said when she woke, her life with John and so on. The story just tried to hard to sound realistic but it made it sound like a movie. Plus the way Jim read “He shot me” was the dead giveaway (pun intended.)

    1. Fluffyswift Thanks for the detailed feedback! This really helps us a lot to form our fiction stories to be more realistic. All points noted and we’ll get you in the future!! 😉

    1. projectalias Thanks, projectalias! We’re trying really hard to make content you’d see on TV and not “generic youtube content”. Not that we haven’t loved doing top 10’s since 2012, but there is a lot of competition now (over 200 list channels, compared to 3-4 when we started), so we really want to create something that nobody else is doing. We hope you continue to like them, because thats the reason we keep doing them! 🙂

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