• December 16, 2017

FACT or FICTION – CURSED OBJECTS | Season 1, Episode 3 | YouTube Series

Innocuous items can be found all throughout our homes, but are they as harmless as we think they are? This simple garage-sale vase looks benign, but though it may not be inherently wicked, can we be sure that it didn’t pass through malevolent hands or has some vile past? Generally, we trust the things we surround ourselves with, but the following three tales of innocent-looking cursed objects are going to have you questioning whether your stroke of bad luck is a coincidence, or attached to something in your home. You may question the validity behind the concept of curses, but that shouldn’t stop you from determining which of these supernatural tales are inspired by fact… or fiction.

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16 thoughts on “FACT or FICTION – CURSED OBJECTS | Season 1, Episode 3 | YouTube Series

  1. Story 1 could have come from the film Dog Soldiers, but in that it was a piece of tattooed skin that survived a landmine. Story 2 was almost like the film Mirrors and story 3 I’d seen in the national papers cos I live in London, England, and there was a picture of the original painting !!

  2. Yeah, got all three correct (usually not that lucky) Though….truth be known, I already knew the true story based on the one story…soon as Jim started to talk about it, I realized what it was based on….and in fact, was thinking about that incident when I saw the title of this video. Love this series.

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