• April 20, 2019

Four Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers – Fact or Fiction?

A tragic accident while performing a stunt, a kidnapping thwarted by lions, and a lucky escape from an icy tomb. Are these tales rooted in reality, or are they figments of our imaginations? It’s time to test your abilities to decipher between fact.. or fiction.

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Man Eats Own Amputated Foot With Friends

Pet Cat Calls 911 And Saves Owner – FACT or FICTION?

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10 thoughts on “Four Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers – Fact or Fiction?

  1. umbrella swallowing dude SHOULD have made DANG 100% sure that the opening mechanism on the umbrella was busted before trying to perform this trick..

  2. Hello 👋 Jim very nice 👍🏻 Story my friend 😉 about man 👨 going Magic Tricks or girl 👧 kind kidnap she or man 👨 Skie 🎿 on Dogs sleigh 🛷 my friend 👍🏻😃

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