• September 8, 2018

How Does Colin Kaepernick Affect Your Fantasy Week? – WTFootball: Episode 2

We share the top 10 Fantasy Football team names as chosen by YOU. Plus we’re going all in on the the Colin Kaepernick, Le’veon Bell quagmires.
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FOOTBALL is finally back! We’ve missed it more than you know. In this weeks edition of WTFootball, TJ Carpenter gets to the root of how Colin Kaepernick is affecting your fantasy team and Joshua Brisco helps you find the right name for your fantasy team. *Hint* Player name + pop culture reference is usually a winner.

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10 thoughts on “How Does Colin Kaepernick Affect Your Fantasy Week? – WTFootball: Episode 2

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  2. Whatever that brown thing the players are holding is, it certainly isn’t a ball, as balls are spherical. They also don’t kick it, but throw it instead. Why this sport is called “foot-ball”, I’ll never understand…

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