• February 6, 2017

How Scream Ruined Horror Movies!


The 90s hit film Scream was an instant classic and adored by fans, only problem is that its creation ruined all future horror films attempts, or did it? WatchMojo presents a video essay on whether or not Wes Craven’s masterpiece destroyed a genre. Watch to find out how Scream changed the game for 1990s horror films!

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11 thoughts on “How Scream Ruined Horror Movies!

  1. The answer for horror is simply to not use old cliches. Come up with some
    original ideas, there are far more ways to scare people than having a young
    girl chased by a man in a mask with a knife. I give that trope to
    Halloween, in that it represented the first time the girl was ever chased
    with the knife. Friday the 13th and all the other slasher films just copied
    Halloween, and added gore. Scream was perhaps even necessary if only to
    draw attention to how repetitive and formulaic horror had become. After
    that, they shouldn’t have tried to emulate to Scream, they should have
    actually changed horror tropes. Instead we’re still talking about them 20
    years after Scream.

  2. id say the over abundance of supernatural movies sparked in the 21st
    century is what ruined it. due to the 50 paranormal activitys all doing
    pretty well in box office, more directors made more and more stale haunting
    movies. scream was a classic tho. i think it did more good than bad for the
    genre and the meta sepf awareness was gonna happen one way or another, at
    least it was done well

  3. I don’t believe that it ruined scary movies, because in the early 90s
    horror films were basically dead. Scream brought them back, even if most
    were cliche

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