Mallory Buettner wears a bikini after shedding an incredible 15 stones!

Mallory Buettner’s Increbible Transformation!

A primary school teacher, Mallory Buettner, wears a bikini after shedding an incredible 15 stones.

She had always wanted to wear a bikini but due to her weight and huge figure lacked the confidence and means to do so.

After her own diet and health regimes did not work she was recommended by professionals to under go weight loss surgery.

After several ops including a tummy tuck and brachioplasty she lost a massive 15 stones and was for the first time in her life confident enough to wear what she always dreamed of…a hot bikini.

She went out and bought several, but it wasn’t all good news for Mallory. After seeing the results her fiancée was unable to cope and as a result their wedding was called off.

But hey with her new figure and confidence we are sure she will easily find someone else.

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