• July 22, 2018

Man Found Dead Covered In Spiders – FACT or FICTION?

You don’t know it, but while you sleep, they scurry across your body, their tiny legs tickling your skin as they search for food or shelter. Bugs find their way everywhere, and you can bet while you’re peacefully enjoying your slumber, your body is nothing but another obstacle for them to climb upon. And climb upon, they do…
Grossed out yet? Well, we’re just preparing you for this unsettling episode we have in store for you tonight. We’re going full “creepy crawly” on you with these three hair-raising tales of insect interactions. Dying from an Egyptian curse, being covered in spiders and eating a sandwich full of bees. It’s time for you to decide what is fact.. and fiction.

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10 thoughts on “Man Found Dead Covered In Spiders – FACT or FICTION?

  1. … and lizards, but none of the lizards mentioned eat flesh… The closest you get is bearded dragons being able to consume infant mice… Lizards aren’t monsters! At least usually the ones that don’t get heavier than 6 lbs which would apply to the gila monster and komodo dragon.

  2. The middle story is false. Looks like Fact or Fiction got fooled. It’s an urban legend. Google “media watch: spider bait” for proof

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