• August 11, 2018


We live in a strange world. One marred by the unusual and the demented thoughts of man. Did a man really live with the dead body of one of his patients for several years? Did a lonely woman find friendship with a friendly ghost? Join us tonight as we’re visited by a supernatural presence and forced to confront the horrific side of humanity and to decide on what’s fact.. or fiction.

Special Guest Darren Marlar! Check out his YouTube channel and his “Weird Darkness series” here!

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18 thoughts on “Man LIVES With HUMAN CORPSE – FACT or FICTION?

  1. LMAO! Didn’t expect a disembodied head in this video!!! That alone WAS the video for me! HAHA!


    1. Fact

    2. Fiction

    3. Fact

    NOT BAD! 2/3! 😀

    1. Y’know what? Headly is okay with me. I wouldn’t mind seeing him make a return!
      …I was going to make a head-related joke but I blanked out. Oh, well! Next time perhaps! 😉

    2. Haha! We were going to put Darren (Headley) in the thumbnail, but figured the surprise would be better xD Think Headley should be in more episodes?

    1. Thanks for your honest input! In future episodes we aren’t going to have him be silly all the time. This episode was more character development.

    2. He just doesn’t seem to fit the atmosphere of the show/episode. I saw Fact or Fiction as a little more serious, with a higher production value, and then… this character comes along, and feels silly.

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