• February 12, 2018

New Songs of the Week – February 17, 2018

New Songs February, 2018
New Songs February 17, 2018
Top Songs February, 2018

❤❤❤ Check out these amazing artists ❤❤❤
Michel Bellens:
David “Stock” Baird:

A collection of the top 20 best new songs for this week in USA, United Kingdom and Australia. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience.

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Best Songs of the Week:
Julia Michaels – Heaven
Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Lyric Video) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

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  1. I plan to make playlists about this and other charts so please follow on spotify at Dakota Last Cline or imdcline, xoyni, xoynidc, and xodcyni. They’ll be coming and I’m working on getting back into those accounts if I forget the passwords.

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