Pokemon vs. Yo-Kai Watch

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These two Monster Catching series have many similarities in their anime, video games, apps, toys, and characters, but which of them stands as the better franchise? Nintendo seems to back them both in spades, but we’re pitting Jibanyan against Pikachu, Ash against Nate, Whisper against Charizard, and only one team can come out on top. Which has the best TV series? Which 3DS games are better? How have these Japanese series impacted the world? Only one way to find out – Stay tuned.

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10 thoughts on “Pokemon vs. Yo-Kai Watch

  1. Yo Kai’s been out for like, what 3 years at max? Pokemons been going strong for over 20 years, there is no competition here. Shoulda been like beyblades vs yo kai or something.

  2. Plus it just looks like you just like Pokemon and you’re just making this because you hate Yokai Watch like you ruined your life or something like all your friends were in the Yokai Watch but you’re the only one in Pokemon but you’re the only one in the Pokemon

  3. I already think all around to go to Yokai Watch I mean I watched every series of Pokemon and it’s like Ashton you know they doing they on the other hand is doing so they’re quite similar it’s me

  4. You seriously tried to compare Pokémon with Yo-Kai Watch after Pokémon beat both Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon?! We all knew Pokémon would win! Also a new video idea top 10 Mario Party Games!

  5. and there goes 03BGood sending death threats and saying Youtube should shut down WatchMojo.com for simply putting out hardcore facts why Yo-Kai Watch in inferior to Pokemon.
    also allow me to say my peace why Pokemon is superior and always will be Superior to Yo-Kai Watch.

    1: Pokemon had existed WAAYY before Yo Kai Watch and it Sold a lot of copies since the 1980’s to now in each and every main series, Spin off and Crossovers through out the entire franchise and it was made by the pinnacle of the gaming community and Pioneer of the video game world and that is Nintendo.

    2: Yo-Kai Watch tried So hard to be popular but the execution and idea is piss poor and the idea of it just down right horrible and just turn out to be a Pokemon ban wagon wannabe.

    3: even Digimon tried to get as popular as Pokemon and they barely got off the ground. they are not as popular but they are recgonize as Pokemon as Rivals between the two. but again Yo-Kai Watch tries to get on the monster boat and got its ass reared ended then thrown over board and drowned.

    Nuff said.

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