• April 4, 2017

Ratchet & Clank VS. Jak & Daxter!: Mascot Showdown

Rachet & Clank VS. Jak & Daxter!: Mascot Showdown

Which of Sony’s PS2 era mascots is the king of the castle? The dude with the pointy ears & the otter creature? Or the weird furry gut with the robot buddy and the crazy guns? Jak, Daxter, Clank and Rachet are all going head to head today to find out who comes out on top, so join for Rachet & Clank VS. Jak & Daxter.

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10 thoughts on “Ratchet & Clank VS. Jak & Daxter!: Mascot Showdown

  1. This video is actually pretty bad, the clmbat section didn’t say anything about Jak’s combat like the angel and dark abilities. Nothing. I agree Ratchet’s latest entry has the best combat, but they knew they were choosing Ratchet and didn’t say shit about Jak.

  2. Man, you guys really sucked it up on this video… not only did you choose wrong, but you demonstrated a fundamental lack of knowledge on the Jak and Daxter side of the argument. Watchmojo at it finest

  3. Wait wait wait, where is Sig??? and Krew? and Samos or Torn, or really any of the main characters in jak? They had much more of a part to do in the series than Baron Praxis, the Metal Head leader or that one other guy (idk his name, the Jak 3 antagonist). You barely got to see those guys in most of the games, with baron being only seen in cinematics and then dying. And i guess that we also aren’t going to talk fully about jaks origin as the son of Mar and his traveling through time and stuff.

  4. Jak did not bow out after 3, they had a solo Daxter game, the Lost Frontier and Jak X, plus Jak 3 was soso, they tried to go Mad Max with it but the overuse of vehicles missed the mark, Jak II was supreme, as was Ratchet and Clank 2 with their awesome twists
    It’s also pronounced Ee-koh, not Echo
    But this is probably the closest showdown you’ve done

  5. the worst video on youtube it should be 5-0 for R&C omg i cant belive what you said in this video jak has batter story omggg omg i guess you never played R&C

  6. Ratchet and Clank will alvays have a special place in my heart. Playing the first game on PS2 all those years ago.. oh the memories

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